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Mr. Shanti Narain
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Mr. Shanti Narain

Mr. Shanti Narain was the member Traffic, Railway Board, from Jan 1997 to Feb 2001. He was the member of several task forces viz: National Task Force on Infrastructure (set up Government of India), National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development (set up by Planning Commission), Advisory Committee on Railways (set up by Ministry of Railways) Member, Task force on organizational structure for operating Dedicated Freight Corridors on Indian Railways (set up by Planning commission). He has also served as Chairman, Working Group on Inland Water Transport (set up by Ministry of Railways) and Chairman, Task Force on Resource Mobilization (set up by Ministry of Railways). After superannuating from the post of Member Traffic and ex-officio secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Railways, he has undertaken management consultancies in many areas for multilateral agencies.